Finishes and Specialities

A wide range of surface finishes and special effects to complement your label design and maximise on shelf visual impact.

3D Effects

3D appearance with a range of visual impressions
Over complete bottle or just specific area

Soft Touch

Varnish for a tactile effect

Metallic Effects

Special coloured metallic inks


High brilliant gold and silver gravure printed inks as alternative to metallised paper and hot foil


High contrast varnish as alternative to UV

Reactive Inks

Thermal, UV and fluorescent inks


Tactile and optical highlighting

Hot Foil Embossing

Brilliant high gloss metallic effect
Suitable for returnable systems

Thermo-reactive Inks

Hidden message printed on label which is only visible when product reaches pre-defined temperature, ideal for straplines and on-trend messages

Fluorescent Inks

Neon effects to grab attention

Peel Off Effects

In-line technology to produce peel off areas, ideal for promotions

Sequential Numbering, coding, personalisation, promotional labels


Perforated labels to reveal text on reverse, or paper neck labels with perforations in place of a foil neck, which can also provide tamper-evident feature

View Through Die Cutting

Achieve a radical visual effect