Decor Paper



Technocell Dekor, part of the Felix Schoeller Group, is one of the world’s leading decor paper companies developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality papers to the melamine impregnation industry. Technocell Dekor operates six mills, with eight paper machines, with an overall capacity exceeding 210,000 tonnes,

These speciality papers are used to make decorative surfaces for wood-based panels. Printed or unprinted, they are impregnated with synthetic resins and then laminated onto the substrate. The excellent printability and impregnation properties, in combination with the high quality and colour consistency, lightfastness and opacity, contribute to their consistent converting characteristics and first-class surface quality. Working in close partnerships with printers, impregnating companies and manufacturers of wood-based boards, Technocell Dekor produces customised paper solutions in a broad range of colours and surface qualities.